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Stonewall of the West: Book Review

Some might ask why I am reviewing a book that was first published over 20 years ago.  The answer is simple: it has withstood the test of time. Stonewall of the West is a fine biography of Patrick Cleburne, who was arguably the best division commander in the Army of Tennessee.  Craig L. Symonds brings us a balanced story of Cleburne’s life, from his youth in Ireland to his untimely death at the Battle of Franklin in November, 1864 at the age of 36. Throughout his life, as Symonds...

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Johnsonville : Book Review

This book tells the story of the Union supply depot at Johnsonville, Tennessee, and the battle that nearly destroyed it in November, 1864. Dr. Jerry Wooten has written the most thorough account to date of the establishment of the depot on the Tennessee River, its connection by rail to Nashville, and the defense of the depot by federal forces including units of United States Colored Troops. Previous versions of the story focused almost entirely upon Confederate operations under Gen. Nathan...

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We’re Back!!

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the Shop will be back up and operating again in a few days. There are new publishers, new books, and some great prices on sale books. I'll have more to say as the time approaches, so stay tuned.

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Thanks to a recent trip to France, to visit World War I sites from the Somme to Verdun, I can once again recommend Richard Rubin's book Back Over There.  During my ramblings, I met some of the people and saw many of the places he writes about. This book is not the typical history of the war.  It is the account of one man's journey to engage the past, and the discovery that it isn't really past in many parts of France.  The Great War, as it is almost universally known there, still exerts a...

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Back Over There : Featured

With the centennial of American involvement in World War I upon us, there has been a surge of interest in both the war and the scenes of the fighting. For anyone planning a visit to France and the Western Front of World War I, this book is an excellent choice.  It is a look at the places where American troops fought, died, and earned for themselves a lasting place in the hearts of Frenchmen.  Richard Rubin takes his readers on a journey 100 years in the...

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