Yesterday, we received another shipment of books from Osprey Publishing.  This shipment has a heavy concentration on World War I, especially aviation.  Included are books on aircraft and aces of both the Allied and Central Powers, as well as titles on the U.S. Air Service and – more specifically – the 1st Pursuit Group.  There are also some excellent works on trench warfare on the Western Front, as well as fortifications used by both sides.  We also have copies of a very humorous and useful book on soldier slang and favorite tunes from the war.

Also included in this shipment are books on everything from the French and Indian War to World War II. Subjects vary from the short and unhappy existence of Ft. William Henry to the bloody campaign to take the Marshall Islands in 1944.

All of these books are brand new, fresh from the publisher.  As always, they are at 25% off the publisher’s suggested price.  As a reminder, all of our World War I titles are on special discount of 10% off our already low prices through April 6.  If you’ve been looking for something good to read, or for a marvelously illustrated look at a favorite subject, or even something to satisfy your curiosity about a military history topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about, this is a great time to check out the shop.