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Trench : Featured

This month, which marks the 100th anniversary of the horrific battle of Passchendaele, I am recommending a book by Stephen Bull, which treats the subject of trench warfare in great detail.  In addition to the well-written text, the book is filled with photos of artifacts, original photos taken at the front, diagrams of trench and bunker construction, and trench maps.  If you are looking for an excellent single volume on trench warfare in World War I, look no further.  You'll find Trench: A...

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America’s Deadliest Battle : Book Review

America's Deadliest Battle, by Robert Ferrell, is a very good treatment of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of 1918. It isn't the longest of books, at only 156 pages, not including notes and bibliography. You could read it in a couple of days. It is, however, one of the better books on the largest and most costly offensive operation in U.S. military history until that time. Ferrell points out not only the successes, but also the series of failures leading up to and during the offensive. For...

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Early Summer Sale

Blue Yonder is having a sale!  From now until July 15, select books will be listed at discounts of 10-25% off our already low prices.  If you've been looking for something to read this summer, or to expand your history library, now is the time to buy.  Quantities are limited, so shop early to avoid disappointment. 

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Autumn of the Black Snake : Featured

I just received a copy of Autumn of the Black Snake from Macmillan Press.  This latest offering from William Hogeland covers the early attempts of the United States to take possession of and control the Northwest Territory.  From the beginnings of Anglo-American settlement, through the Seven Years' War and American Revolution, this book takes readers into the tumultuous period when the fledgling United States was attempting to assert its hegemony over territory inhabited by numerous Native...

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More New Osprey Titles

Yesterday, we received another shipment of books from Osprey Publishing.  This shipment has a heavy concentration on World War I, especially aviation.  Included are books on aircraft and aces of both the Allied and Central Powers, as well as titles on the U.S. Air Service and - more specifically - the 1st Pursuit Group.  There are also some excellent works on trench warfare on the Western Front, as well as fortifications used by both sides.  We also have copies of a very humorous and useful...

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