There are more books in the shop, including some in the World War II, Civil War, and U.S. History categories.  Check out the titles available, and as always, at a discount off publisher’s list price.

In other news, a shipment of the ever-popular books from Osprey Publishing is inbound.  I will be adding those to the shop as soon as they arrive.  There are several books in the Osprey “Campaign” series, including (for World War II) Operation Market Garden, Leyte, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal. For the War of 1812, we will have books on Tippecanoe and New Orleans.   From other Osprey series, there will be books on both Army Air Force bomber crewmen and Naval Aviators in World War II, as well as both Army and Marines in World War I.  There are other goodies in the shipment, but it wouldn’t be fair to mention them all, would it?

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