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We’re Back!!

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the Shop will be back up and operating again in a few days. There are new publishers, new books, and some great prices on sale books. I’ll have more to say as the time approaches, so stay tuned.


Thanks to a recent trip to France, to visit World War I sites from the Somme to Verdun, I can once again recommend Richard Rubin’s book Back Over There.  During my ramblings, I met some of the people and saw many of the places he writes about. This book is not...

News for January – Osprey Books Inbound

There are more books in the shop, including some in the World War II, Civil War, and U.S. History categories.  Check out the titles available, and as always, at a discount off publisher’s list price. In other news, a shipment of the ever-popular books from...